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Ikonthology: The Visual Compendium of Fictional Icons

Extended Visual Library of 4500+ unique fictional icons, categorized with references and meanings.

ikonthology Formats - Fictional Visual Library
ikonthology Formats – Fictional Visual Library

What is Ikonthology

  • Ikonthology is an extensive visual library of Fictional icons for Graphic/Visual/Game Designers. It contains 4,500+ icons organized in 35 categories ranging from classics like cyberpunk to the more niche J-horror. In addition, each icon includes a description to get a full idea of its context and flavor.
  • Every icon is carefully designed in a consistent and modern style, and each is available in 4 style variations (light, bold, solid, and duotone).
  • Icons are provided in Vector (SVG, PDF) and Raster (PNG, JPG).
  • Fully compatible with: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Figma, ZBrush, Unity, and Map creation tools.

Development process of the fictional visual library

The first challenge was to create an extensive visual encyclopedia of fictional icons inspired by novels, graphic novels, books, comics, films, film archives, dramas, and a host of other media.

The second challenge was to make it modern, unique, and inspiring in order to be as useful for creatives of all kinds: from graphic designers, to visual designers, game designers, and visual artists.

This has been a long journey that took me from: ResearchingAnalyzingDesigningDeveloping more than 4,500 icons in 35 categories.

Given the large number of icons created, we developed a graphic guideline system with the essential rules required to design all images in order to ensure uniformity and familiarity within the whole collection.

Ikonthology process

Sci-Fi Icons

Cyberpunk | Steampunk | Underwater World |  Space Travel | Digital Utopia | Ecotopian | Dystopian | Apocalyptic | Post-Apocalyptic

Horror Icons

Japanese Horror | Gothic | Extreme Horror | Hardcore | Splatterpunk | Paranormal / Hauntings | Occult | Psychological | Weird | Monsters

Fantasy Icons

High Fantasy | Dark Fantasy | Grimdark | Underdark | Fairy Tales | Heroic | Low Fantasy |  Sword and Sorcery | Urban | Young Adult

Mystery Icons

Espionage | Detective | Locked-room / Puzzle Mystery | Police Procedural | Legal thriller/Forensic mystery | Historical | True Crime

Ikonthology Visual Collection

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