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Description of Aquanaut

An Aquanaut is a person who swims underwater using an aqualung. An aquanaut is any person who remains underwater, breathing at the ambient pressure for long enough for the concentration of the inert components of the breathing gas dissolved in the body tissues to reach equilibrium, in a state known as saturation. Usually this is done in an underwater habitat on the seafloor for a period equal to or greater than 24 continuous hours without returning to the surface.

Underwater World main description

Underwater world symbols - Underwater world icons  

General info: Underwater World is a subcategory of the science fiction genre, although elements of fantasy and mythology are often mixed in as well. The emergence of this genre is often associated with Jules Verne. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (published serially from 1869-1870) detailing Captain Nemo’s deep sea adventures on the Nautilus submarine he built himself laid the foundation for the idea that a person can travel or even live under water.

Cultural overview: Jules Verne, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Michael Crichton, David Brin, Peter Watts, Frank Herbert, John Wyndman. The genre was born of scientific advances into submersible craft, filling the imagination with thoughts of exploring some underwater kingdom. Such voyages under the sea revealed how many secrets and strange inhabitants the ocean hides. Thus, writers began to fantasize about underwater worlds, people who live under water, cities and monsters.

Meaning: Like space, the underwater world is just as unexplored and remains a mystery to scientists. This is a great atmosphere of wonders, unexplored places, and strange creatures, some of which like the immense Kraken have become staples of multiple genres. Often, the main characters are left alone with their fears in isolation on a submarine, which is the main vehicle in the genre of underwater fiction. Characters’ ability to navigate their emotions in extreme conditions is one of the main focuses of the genre.

Most used keywords: #Captain Nemo #submarine #Nautilus #Kraken #Atlantis #Atlanteans #aquanauts #Hydropolises #Amphibian Man #Underwater civilization #Bermuda triangle #Mariana Trench

Distinctive traits of symbols: In addition to submarines and aquanauts, underwater fiction often features sunken cities and civilizations that continued to exist under water. Human mutations for life under water, i.e. Atlantis and Atlanteans, occupies a significant portion of the genre. Another significant part of the genre is devoted to futurological predictions about the possibility of colonizing the ocean. These include underwater hotels, houses, underwater laboratories occupied by evil geniuses who are frequent guests of the genre.

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