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Description of Digital happiness

Digital happiness is the contentment that a person achieves in the world of Digital Utopia using digital technologies. The Internet will forever transform the lives of people and society, freeing humanity from the bondage of physical distance. With the help of virtual technologies, people can relax anywhere in the world without leaving their room. Products and goods have become either very cheap or free, and they require a minimum of effort while most need to work a minimum of time, allowing more time for personal development. The issues of poverty, hunger, and war have disappeared. Humanity is also very healthy and almost immortal. People do not need to worry about losing relatives and friends and do not need to be afraid about their own lives.

Digital Utopia main description

Digital Utopia Symbols- Digital Utopia Icons - Scifi Symbols

General info: Digital utopia or “digitopia” is a subgenre of the science fiction genre. With the development of the digital space, futurists and science fiction writers are increasingly turning their attention to the prospect for mankind to exist on the basis of technological progress and total informatization. The main idea of digitopia is that the rapid development of modern science, along with its latest developments and achievements in technology, will lead to the creation of ideal forms of life. The Digital utopia is complemented by ideas from various transhumanistic utopias — creating a new person for a new ideal information-based society. The new digital world is characterized by the inextricable interconnection of all spheres of human existence. Since it is information that becomes the most important force providing this interaction, information becomes the foundation of both economic and social life activity.

Cultural overview: Alvin Toffler, Nadin Heinich, James Hughes, Howard Paul Segal, Dale Carrico. With the development of the digital space, futurists and science fiction writers are increasingly turning their attention to the prospects for the existence of mankind on the basis of technological progress and total informatization. This genre is about the future of humanity in the digital era.

Meaning: The development of technologies, their general availability, as well as inventions of the internet and mass access to information of any kind, made philosophers and fiction writers think about where humanity is heading, not just physically but socially, economically and psychologically.

Most used keywords: #digital #democracy #digital immortality #transhumanism #digital city #AI #internet #digital cloning #e-government #robots #surveillance cameras

Distinctive traits of symbols: The world of digitopia is an ubiquitous democracy. In the digital space, everyone is equal. Because of the abundance of security cameras, there is little crime. The apogee of the development of a digital utopia should be digital immortality. A complete brain simulation, uploading the mind, digitizing a person and uploading it to a clone, will make it possible to live forever. The digitopian world is full of futuristic landscapes as well as robots that people use for everyday tasks. In the world of digitopia, the material plane may not exist at all. All living things will be pumped into the digital world where they will happily exist in the digital matrix — creating a kind of digital paradise.


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