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Spaceship robots

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Description of Spaceship robots

Spaceship robots are very common in the Space Travel genre. Robots can work as engineers, doctors, translators, etc. The spaceship itself may contain a robotic artificial intelligence that knows how to navigate, how to avoid obstacles, and sometimes it can communicate with the ship’s crew. In some stories, the crew of the spaceship consists only of robots in order to survive in the long transition between the planets, as only immortal creatures will be able to travel in space.

Space travel main description

Space travel symbols - Space travel icons  

General info: Space travel is a subgenre of the science fiction genre. In the second half of the 19th century, the main characters of Jules Verne’s 1865 book From Earth to the Moon attempt to fire three people to the Moon from a huge artillery cannon. The1894 novel Journey to Other Worlds by John Jacob Astor and H. G. Wells’ 1901 novel The First Men in the Moon, 1901 used an anti-gravity theme. But things really picked up for the genre at the advent of the 20th century and the start of the Space Race between the U.S. and U.S.S.R. The Russian scientist K.E. Tsiolkovsky came to the conclusion that in a vacuum environment like space the only possible means for a ship to fly is by jet thrust. He expressed his views on this problem not only in scientific works, but also in the fantastic stories On the Moon (1893) and Out of the Earth (1918). Later, writers realized that it was necessary to depict all the problems that such a feat as space travel are side factors of space flight, so the description of heroes and flights became more alive. Writers began to think about what kind of health issues humans would have from being in space for extended periods of time. They began to consider problems of isolation, food, and so much more. In the 1960s, as space travel became a reality, science fiction writers turned to more realistic depictions of spaceships and space travel.

Cultural overview: Jules Verne, John Jacob Astor, H. G. Wells, Robert Anson Heinlein, Arthur Clarke, Douglas Adams, Dan Simmons, James Graham Ballard. As well as the underwater world genre, the genre of space travel and its development is associated with the thought of exploring the stars, venturing out into the unknown, and especially with the first real experiences of man in space.

Meaning: When Earth was mastered, the eyes of the dreamers turned to the starry sky. Thus, the goal for Science Fiction writers was set by the very course of technological progress. The purpose of space travel far outpaced the dream of stepping foot on the Moon, and in turn the rest of the solar system, distant galaxies and even the entire universe was open for exploration. Today, much of space-faring fiction is concerned with colonization of space and the search for other planets that can sustain life. Some of this is due to fears of environmental collapse on earth, and the need for more space for an ever-expanding human population.

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Distinctive traits of symbols: Important topics of the genre include the state of zero gravity during orbital flight, the peculiarities of eating in the absence of gravity, rockets and catastrophic explosions, changes in living organisms and the psyche of people under the influence of weightlessness and space radiation, psychological aspects of long expeditions, etc. Science Fiction writers are still creating new concepts for man to to quickly move through space without having to rely on cryogenically freezing people along a decades-long voyage. Concepts like hyperspace jumping, wormhole travel, and the use of black holes for travel have been explored by many authors. Alien races, intergalactic empires, interplanetary wars, various weapons that can even destroy and galaxies occupy a special place in this genre.

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