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Dystopia Cyberpunk
consumer society
glamour scifi dystopia
re-education camps scifi dystopia
cloning scifi dystopia
public execution scifi dystopia
numbering people scifi dystopia
uniform scifi dystopia
Robot takeover scifi dystopia
thoughtcrime scifi dystopia
Big Brother scifi Dystopia
book bonfire scifi dystopia
Destruction of creativity scifi dystopia
suicide booths dystopia scifi
glass house scifi dystopia
subhuman dystopia scifi
Head of the church
Totalitarian empires
Test tube babies
Drugs Scifi Dystopia
Caste state - Social stratification
Genetically bred superhuman race
Society without emotions
Synthetic food
Constant surveillance
Hypnotizing media
Violent lobotomy
Planet Overpopulation
Destroyed environment scifi
Depersonalized citizens-bold -scifi
Militarism scifi
Lack of human rights scifi

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