Personal projects, non commercial designs and projects for no-profit organizations. Single user.


All Commercial usage, for yourself or on behalf of a client.
Single user.


All Commercial usage for companies, software houses, publishing houses, media agencies. Multiple users.

4500+ Icons

Extended Visual Library of 4,500+ fictional icons, categorized with references and description

Multiple Use

Graphic Design – Web project – Game development – CNC – 3D Printing – Map creation tools

New Symbols

We are constantly Increasing our Contents offering new symbols Every Week

100% Full license

Use any icon for both Commercial or Personal use without restrictions

Style Variations

Every symbol has 4 versions designed for its own purpose: Bold–Light–Solid–Duotone

Pro Design

Best Quality icons for Professional use in multiple formats: SVG, PDF, JPG, PNG.

What is Ikonthology

The world’s first visual fictional compendium, Ikonthology is the great source of inspiration for designers and creatives alike. The most famous and iconic characters, symbols, objects, artifacts, and locations from books, graphic novels, comics, films, and games have been transformed into icons with a modern design ethos. Moreover, they are collected in one place with an anthological categorization, making it is easy to find the right missing link for your creative project.

Ikonthology Visual Collection

How it can help your creative work

You can browse 35 fiction categories with over 4,500 icons to:

  1. Find inspiration using graphic references and detailed descriptions of fiction categories and icons, relieve you of the creative block.
  2. Perform visual analysis studying specific traits of graphic elements as a starting point for the creations of new settings and characters inspired by a specific fictional genre.
  3. Download icons in different formats widely supported in Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Figma, Zbrush, Unity, and others.

Whether you’re a graphic designer involved in projects about fantasy, mystery, sci-fi and horror, a web designer in need of front end solutions, or if you’re a game designer looking for inspiration for your next project, Ikonthology can push your creative projects to the next level with a unique and modern style.

ikonthology categories


Ikonthology process

Grid system inspired by Material Design

Ikonthology Grid system


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